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I remember the first time I picked up a camera at about 16-years-old -- and how 


excited I was to capture images of natural and strange objects floating onto the 


shores of Cape May, NJ. I have to say, it is one of my fondest memories.




After a few years of traveling and allowing life to happen, I forgot my love for the 


camera. It was not until many years later, through immersion in the San 


Francisco nightlife and drag communities under the persona “Putanesca,” that 


love was reawakened and took new life and focus. It was only natural for my 


subjects to include famous drag personas and sexy men and women from all 


walks of life. 


I love working with well-known individuals – whether they be reality television 


drag stars, famous club personalities or trans-culture based artists – and 


deconstructing society’s views of those persons through photography. By taking 


subjects out of their comfort zones, challenging how others or even how they see 


themselves, the result is a reimagining of a public persona and a transformation 


of the traditional portrait.


My photography has yielded iconic images of some of the most legendary drag 


personalities of our time.


 I have also had an opportunity to meet and work with such


cult movies stars and pop idols.


My wish is to inspire the subject, viewer and, of course, myself


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wmjosecollage1 (1).jpg

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